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Key information

Key information

Programme lengt: 4 years
Programme location: Turin

About this programme 





Scientific and complementary training

Academic training

The PhD in Neuroscience aims to form scholars able to develop and carry out independent research in the field of neuroscience. A major goal is to provide conceptual knowledge and methodological tools to deal with the bewildering complexity of the nervous system and to combine basic scientific aspects with applied research of translational and clinical value.  

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Pursuing a PhD

Pursuing a PhD degree

To apply for the PhD in Neuroscience, candidates are required to write a short Research Project, in order to illustrate their specific interests and motivations and their ability in designing a sound and feasible research plan

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Contacts us


Scientific coordinator: Marco Sassoè
Vice-Scientific coordinator
: Annalisa Buffo
Support Staff
: Matteo Novello 
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