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In itinere evaluation and admission to thesis defense

Progress in the research plan is evaluated by the PhD scientific board based on written reports (yearly) and oral presentations (at the end of the first year and during the last year). At the end of each academic year (1st,2nd and 3rd year), students are required to submit to the scientific board a written report describing their research activity as well as formative activities they have attended (Annual Report). At the end of the first year, students also give oral presentations in which they present their research project to the scientific board and to other students. Each year in september there will be the deadline to send the written data report and to update the personal student page. 

To be admitted to thesis defense, each student is expected to have published as first author at least one publication related to the thesis in an indexed journal. The scientific board deliberates admission to thesis defense based on a written report (Pre-Thesis Report) and an oral progress report. See deadlines for submission of reports and the progress report schedule.

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